Personal Banking


Federally Insured

Deposits federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA.


Share Certificate

One way you can invest your money at ERCU is through a certificate of deposit. Our CD’s have a minimum balance requirement of $5,000.00. Certificates are available for the following time increments:

  • 182 days
  • One year
  • 18 months
  • Two years

Rates are subject to change and early withdrawal penalties apply to all CD’s.

Special Savings (90 Day Investment) Account

A special savings account allows you to accrue a larger dividend per quarter. A minimum deposit of $500 must be made to open a special savings. Rates are subject to change at the beginning of each quarter. Withdrawals may be made during the quarter with no penalty so long as a minimum balance of $500 remains in the account. Deposits to a special savings must be made in increments of $500 and can be done at any time during the quarter. Account closures during the quarter are subject to early withdrawal penalties.

IRA Accounts

Preparing for the future? Looking for security for a happy retirement? Our IRA accounts make it easy for our members to meet their long term financial and retirement goals. We offer both Traditional and ROTH IRA accounts. Both IRA’s receive paid dividends quarterly. The rate paid on IRA accounts is fixed for the quarter and can only change at the beginning of each quarter.  IRA accounts are insured separately from your other deposit accounts.  NCUA insures all IRA deposits up to $250,000.